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Saturday, 13 February 2016

Because even airlines get round to updating (and expanding) their information!

EasyJet have kindly expanded their page on flying with children and infants and give a far more comprehensive explanation about car seat use on board and how you can help each other, note however that RF car seats cannot be used

Child car seats can be used for infants/children on-board in accordance with the age/weight/height range as recommended by the manufacturer.
It is the parents’ responsibility to ensure that the seat is suitable for their child. Cabin crew must ensure that the child car seat is suitable for use on-board the aircraft and that the child is adequately and safely secured.
The seat and its harness must be designed so that the child can easily and quickly be secured in or removed from it. The seat, or any part of it, must not show any obvious signs of having sustained damage. If the car seat is capable of adjustment in recline, it must be set upright for take-off, landing and in any emergency situation. Tables designed for use with the seat must be removed at such times.
The seat must be able to be secured with only the fitted aircraft seat belt (not an infant/extension seat belt). On no account can a rearward facing seat be used when the fasten seat belts sign is on.  Therefore unless your infant will be sitting on your lap during at these times, they must be of a suitable age for a forward-facing seat.
The child car seat should be pre-boarded and will be secured to the aircraft seat by the cabin crew before the child is seated.  Please ensure that you give the team as much time as possible to do this on your behalf.

The Cares harness is permitted for use onboard for children who weight between 10 and 20kg and also able to sit upright unaided

Updates (and clearer explanations from the airlines!) from One World

Air Berlin request that when you book a seat for an infant that you register what child restraint you plan to use with the service centre so that a seat can be reserved for them

Cathay Pacific can provide their own child restraint seats for planes where a car seat cannot be used with a prior reservation booked at least 24 hours before travel, however it is a first come first served basis

This photo shows the restraint seat in the Economy Cabin, once installed in the occupying seat it can't be removed or reclined until after landing

This photo shows the restraint installed in a business class seat, again once it's installed it cannot be removed or reclined until after landing

Qantas now specify that when you book your infant a seat and intend to use a car seat that you sort it all out at the same time, by ringing your local Qantas office they can help with pre approval (which presumably means they'll know which car seats can be used!!)

S7 Airlines now suggest that if you phone their local office that it is possible to purchase your infant their own seat

Updates from Star Alliance

Adriya Airlines now clarifies that providing you've purchased an additional seat that your car seat can be used onboard

There is restrictive use of car seats in International Business Class with Air Canada
Car seats are not permitted for use in this cabin on the B777-200ER (77L), B777-300ER (77W), 767-300ER (763) and the A330 (333), all fine in Economy Class however